5 Things Your FitBit Can’t Tell You

5 Things Your FitBit Can't Tell You

I had a FitBit and loved the challenge of getting in my 10,000 steps a day! It was fun when it finally vibrated telling me I had accomplished one of my goals for the day. I love how on laundry day I did 25+ floors in a day. Yet, I found myself falling back into my old ways of getting stuck on numbers. A FitBit can be a great tool, but you have to know your bend as well.

It got me to thinking about all the things my FitBit can’t tell me. Which, obviously, is the inspiration for this post. Without further ado:

5 Things Your FitBit Can’t Tell You

5 Things Your FitBit Can't Tell You

1. You are Loved

No matter how great of a tool a tracker can be, it will never tell you how loved you are just the way you are. It can not tell you how much you are loved by the God of the Universe. If you are like me, it might even discourage when you start to compare your numbers and wonder why the scale isn’t budging. For some reason, we often associate love with our feelings. When we are working hard and not seeing results, we get discouraged. Let’s not base the love God has for us on our own work. We need to stop striving and learn to rest in His love, no matter what our bodies look like.

2. You have Worth

It not found in steps, floors, or calories. So often we put find our worth in things that are seen. Yet our worth is not found in anything we do. It is found in what Christ has done for us. We are worthy because He has called us worthy. You’re worth is not found in a pant size.

3. You are Enough

We aren’t enough for the same reasons we aren’t worthy. Being enough is not found in our doing, the same way our worth is not found in our doing. It’s not because we killed it in the gym today, or we went above and beyond the call of duty.¬†We are enough because, again, Christ has done the work on our behalf. When we accept His gift, we are seen as righteous.

4. You are Beautiful

Just the way you are. I know: #thestruggleisreal. For real, I understand. We pinch and pull, and squeeze into our favorite jeans and we feel anything BUT beautiful. Why? Because we have lost focus on what true beauty is. We forget who made us and that we have been created in His image. We watch the calorie counter on our FitBit. Every piece of food that goes into our mouth gets tracked. Change can’t happen fast enough. We think when we are a certain size that then we will be beautiful. Wrong. You are beautiful right now. So go look in the mirror, and tell yourself you are beautiful. Kick the enemy in the teeth and tell him he will not win this battle.

5. You are Strong

When I was using my FitBit, it didn’t know the difference between cardio and weight lifting. It didn’t know that despite my lack of loss, I was gaining strength. That those 8lb weights were too light. That I moved up to 10s. Then 15s. My FitBit could not tell me that I was gaining muscle and strength. Not only physically, but even spiritually as I committed to working out for the glory of God and not glory of my body. It couldn’t track the struggle with sugar, and that with God’s help I was overcoming that battle!

I hope this encourages you. There is nothing wrong with using a heart rate monitor or any kind of tracker. Just remember, it doesn’t tell you everything. What would you add to this list?


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