5 Things I Love About Homeschooling

This week has been full of challenges. Between exhaustion from adrenal fatigue and discipline issues, it’s been rough. Homeschooling isn’t always easy. I often feel in a constant state of evaluation. This week has shown me that there some things that we could be doing better and more efficiently. I’ve been sharing some of my struggles with a  friend, and she encouraged me to write down 5 things I love about homeschooling.

And so I did.

I think this is a great practice in all areas of life. Maybe you don’t homeschool, but think about the 5 things you love about your job, your husband, your children, your home. In areas where we feel discontent, this a great way to refocus. So here are the 5 things, in no particular order, that I love about homeschooling. As I started making my list, I realized there are a lot more than 5 things that I love!

5 Things I love about homeschooling

1. I love the time and flexibility we have!

Time. One of the most valuable assets we have been given. I love that I have quantity time and quality time with my children. Homeschooling is very flexible to our personal schedule. If we have appointments, we can work around it. If a child works better at night, we can work with that! Some days we just need to get outside and run off some energy. We have the freedom to do that.

2. I love being able to share a Biblical Worldview.

I appreciate being able to teach my children about all subjects, but even more so, that I can teach about the Creator through them. Teaching my kids science is great, but it’s even better that I am able to point them to God through His amazing creation. Yes, we learn about what other people believe as well. We talk about how evolution and we have discussion. I don’t tell my kids what to believe. We have a discussion and I ask them what makes sense to them.

3. I am able to train and discipline my children- on the spot.

This is an area that is great- and very difficult. I am glad I get to train and discipline my children when they are having bad attitudes, lie, or cheat. It is also sometimes a constant and very exhausting! However, I enjoy being so close to my children that I know what their weaknesses are and their strengths. I know what subjects they struggle with, and which ones they are getting and can adjust accordingly. As parents, we can be proactive in training when quantity time is spent is much time with my children. No, I don’t handle every situation right. Yes, sometimes I get upset with my children. I’m still thankful for this opportunity to really get to know my children.

Homeschooling at Night

4. We believe we have been called to homeschool.

There are many passages of scripture people use in defense of homeschooling. Even still, Greg and I both believe we have been called to this homeschool gig. It is something the Lord has given us a clear “YES” to. So we are being obedient. Again, this doesn’t make it easy. Sometimes the calling is hard, tiring, exhausting. But the great reward… it’s like watching your baby learn to walk. Hearing my children read for the first time, finally getting that math equation right, hearing them repeat the things we are learning in science or Bible… Just makes me smile. It makes the hard times worth it. As long as the Lord has called us to it, we will continue to do it. Sometimes the blessing requires hard work.

5. The ability to customize education with no stereotypes.

We all know that each child is different. One of the greatest things about homeschooling is being able to meet the needs of my children. Without the stereotypes. Some of my children have been slow to reading. They aren’t  in “class B” or the “red group” where they feel they are inferior to the other students. My husband to this day, remembers being in a different class from other students because he didn’t read as well as them. There was a stigma attached to that. I’m thankful my children don’t feel that. Again, if one child works better at night, we can do that instead of forcing them to get their work done right after breakfast. Being able to customize not only what they are learning, but being able to spend time on what is needed is a huge pro.

These are just a few of the reasons I love homeschooling. There are many more!

If you homeschool, what would you add to this list?

If you don’t homeschool, I challenge you to find an area in life where you are struggling and make a list of the things you do like about it!


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