are you tired of dieting? me too.

Are you tired of dieting? Of the promises of “6-pack abs in just 6 weeks”? Or the “beach-body ready in 30 days” campaigns? The claims of “being in the best shape of your life” in 90 days? Are you also tired of the emotional eating, bingeing, sugar addiction, fitness addiction? Me too. I’m over. Totally over it.

You probably clicked on this link because you are where I am. I’ve actually been tired of dieting for a loooong time. I’m done with false claims and promises. I bet you are too. It’s why you are here reading this. Revelation Wellness has marvelously ruined me. The scale no longer holds power in my life. My goal is to be healthy and strong instead of skinny.

Wellness Revelation

no more dieting

So you’re ready for real results, without having to “go on a diet.” You want to learn how to eat for health and move as an act of worship because you are able to move. You’re ready to answer the following question with a yes: “If I grow closer to God, but don’t lose weight, is it worth it?” That’s a hard yes, isn’t it? I know it is.

Then you have clicked the right article! I’m here to offer that to you. The Wellness Revelation, formerly known as Weigh Less to Feed More, is an 8 week book study that is going to give you something to think about! It will challenge the way you view food, exercise, and your body. You will need to dig deep and do heart-work. Like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, you will have a transformation in your heart that you didn’t think could happen. When this is over, you will be marvelously ruined. You will learn to walk in freedom when it comes to food and fitness! This study will challenge you to honor God with your body, both through physical activity and through the way you fuel yourself. Because health is about more than food or fitness!

Wellness Revelation

what this is not

This is not a diet program. It is not a strict way of eating. No “follow these 10 steps and get these results” will be available to you through this study. No promises of thigh gaps or abs. Nope. Nada. Why? Because every body is different. What works for me might not work for you. Carbs love me back, as I like to say, so I limit them. You might eat carbs and feel great! It is not a fad-diet or a strict workout plan. You are the investigator! Yes, there will be guides and tools to use to help you figure out the best way to fuel your body, but it is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

what do I get?

First, you will need to purchase your own copy of The Wellness Revelation. You can purchase this book and read it by yourself or with a group of friends. However, we know that there can be power in accountability. As a certified Revelation Wellness® instructor, I have been trained to lead others through this study. If you want to join my group you will receive: an invite to a private Facebook group with no more than 12 people, personal attention, accountability, access to myself for any questions you might have, recipes, videos from Alisa for each week’s reading, and more!

Should you choose to be all in, and I hope you do, you will also receive what we call “weight loss.” It’s in the quotes because it isn’t physical weight loss, it is spiritual weight loss. It is the uncovering of your emotional eating habits, your bend for turning towards working out for more than is necessary, the addiction to sugar, etc. It is going to be some soul work that will leave you forever changed!

I will pour into for the 9 weeks during this study! Why? Because it is heart work that will forever change you. I will be your cheerleader and encourager as you press in to the hard places. But it will be good, oh so good! After completing the 9 weeks, you will be moved from the current Facebook Group to the Graduates Group for ongoing support!

Wellness Revelation

how much is it going to cost me?

This would most likely be my first question! This 9-week book study will cost you the price of The Wellness Revelation book, your time, your commitment, your willing heart to see things differently than you ever have before when it comes to your health, your food, and your fitness, and $99. All participants will be asked to pay a non-refundable $20 deposit that will save your seat in the upcoming group, which will be subtracted from the total amount. If you need to make payments, I am more than happy to work with you! However, you must be paid in full before you are added to the Facebook group for this session.

The first session will begin September 3rd and end the week of October 29th. I know the start date is  Labor Day weekend, but the first week will be an introduction week of all the group members! I hope you will make it a priority to participate within the group!

will this help other people?

It is my mission to not only help you on your health journey, but to love others as well. There are many options as to ways we could do that, but there is one that I have been personally supporting and would love to continue to support through this group!

10% of your cost will go towards purchasing products from the Mercy House shopMercy House exists to engage, empower and disciple women around the globe in Jesus’ name. Engage those with resources to say yes to the plight of women in poverty. Empower women and teenage mothers around the world through partnerships and sustainable fair trade product development. Disciple women to be lifelong followers of Jesus Christ. I am currently a subscriber to their Fair Trade Friday, Earrings of the Month, and Bracelet of the Month clubs! I love that while I can not go and help these women, I can play a small part in their lives by purchasing their products and giving them work to provide for their families! Near the end of our 8 weeks together, I will put all the names of the group participants in a hat and draw a name! One of you will receive a package of products purchased from the Mercy House! Pretty awesome, right?? I think so too.

I’m ready, what do I do next?

Done with dieting, dig deep, and do the heart work?  Receive more information by filling out the following form! Feel free to invite your friends to journey with you through “The Wellness Revelation” and receive $10 off your cost if they join!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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