7- day detox challenge

Announcing the FREE 7 Day Detox!

Join Revelation Wellness® Founder & Author of The Wellness Revelation, Alisa Keeton for the 7 Day Detox, a Faith THEN Food & Fitness Challenge

7 day detox

What is the 7 Day Detox?

Are you ready for a fresh start for a healthy and whole life? A fresh start that won’t bankrupt your bank account or demand countless hours in the gym, sweating out toxins by the bucket load? If so, let’s detox and train!

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Easy Homemade Greek Yogurt!

Easy Homemade Greek Yogurt!

Who would have thought I would be making homemade yogurt?

Well. Me actually.

I remember my first small group after we moved down to Georgia. The discussion around the women’s table was “The moms who make their own baby food….” I sheepishly said, “Well. I do.” It’s easy really, and that’s what I told them. You cook the veggies and blend. Take the fruit and mash it up and serve.  Read More