Cookie Dough Protein Bites!

Who doesn’t love to eat cookie dough??? If you don’t, I’m not sure we can be friends anymore. 😉 However, we all know that delicious cookie dough isn’t the best thing for us to be eating. I will be the first to confess when my daughter makes cookies, I sneak a little bite. I’m a believer that the cookie dough tastes better than the actual cookies! Make sure you read to the end, I have a little something for you!cookie dough protein bitesToday I am sharing with you a 6-ingredient cookie dough protein bite! They are pretty delicious if I say so myself. Please keep in mind, I am not really a food blogger. I didn’t take a bunch of pictures while I was making these, and the pictures I do have are not high quality.Ready? This is how easy these are to make!

Cookie Dough Protein Bites

12 oz. of your favorite nut butter (I used cashew butter from Aldi. Yum!)1 tsp. vanilla1/4 tsp. salt1 scoop Mom Fuel or your favorite protein powder.2 Tb. coconut flour1/2 c. chocolate chipsMix together the nut butter, vanilla, and salt. Add in Mom Fuel, but stir carefully. The protein powder can get a little messy! Add chocolate chips and mix well so that each “bite” has some chocolate in it! Put parchment paper on a cookie sheet and scoop out your cookie dough bites. I used my cookie scoop. These will be a little sticky! Freeze for 2 hours (if you don’t freeze them, they will stick to the parchment paper.) Remove from parchment paper and put into a container. I use these ones from Pyrex because they are glass and have lids! They’ve revolutionized my fridge and my leftovers! I did leave a piece of parchment paper between layers of cookie dough bites in my container.cookie dough protein bitesI hope you enjoy these Cookie Dough Protein Bites as much as I do! I might have had some for breakfast yesterday…. And I didn’t even feel bad about it! If you decide to purchase Mom Fuel, contact me via Facebook or Instagram and let me know! I have a gift I’d like to give you to help you find creative ways to use it!Disclaimer: I am an ambassador for Momsanity, however, these are products I love and use myself. I won’t share something that I don’t love or use!

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