Fit ~ Fierce ~ Free

Fit, Fierce, Free

***Group Closed***

Do you need accountability?

Would you like to be part of a group that is faith based?

Do you want freedom from the yo-yo dieting?

Are you ready to make real, lifestyle changes and stop the crash dieting?

Does getting through the Holidays and keeping your fitness goals intimidate you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have an invitation for you!

Fit, Fierce, Free

Fit, Fierce and Free will be an accountability/challenge group that will begin November 14th. There will be an online group via Facebook where you will get encouraged and have check-ins. I know that is soon, so please forgive me for telling you about it on such short notice! I am co-leading this group with my amazing friend Cassia Hope from Faithfully Fit with Cassia Hope. We connected over Instagram and completely hit it off! She has been such a blessing to me and has asked myself, along with a few other ladies to co-lead this group with her!

Fit, Fierce, Free will not only encourage your in your physical journey, but also help keep you accountable to eating in a way that is honoring to your body. We will be encouraging you to walk the path of freedom that God has called you to when it comes to your health journey. We realize that no one body is the same and that God calls us each to walk our own path of freedom. You will be encouraged spiritually to dig deep and truly seek what the Lord would have for you when it comes to your physical body.

Fit, Fierce, Free

If you read my “weight loss” journey, you know that I too, am walking on a journey towards freedom. Some days are a struggle, and some days seem easy. I’ve learned that accountability truly helps me not only to stay motivated, but to also stay rooted in the Word of God! We know that when we walk in freedom, we are a fierce woman of God!

This will be a 4-week challenge group taking you through Thanksgiving. If the holidays are a hard time of the year for you, I would strongly encourage you to join us! To sign up for this group, please select your choice of challenge pack or fill out the form below to contact me for more information. Once you have made your purchase, there will be a Facebook group for you to join to get your daily dose of accountability and encouragement!

I am so passionate about your health, yes, but also your wholeness! I hope you will join us for these 4 weeks of faith THEN fitness challenge!


Here is my disclaimer:

Cassia is the Beachbody® Coach who you will be ordering your challenge pack from. I know that might make you hesitant to join because you’re thinking “I knew there was a catch! She’s just trying to sell us something!” *angry emoji* I get it. Believe me. I’ve been there done that, and I’ve been the person who was selling as well. I can assure you, that there will be NO pressure to buy after this challenge group. You do NOT have to continue with Shakeology® or any other Beachbody® program. This is a TOOL for you to use in your own home. The message isn’t “Buy more products!” The message is “Give me Jesus!” Jesus is our message, fitness is our tool.


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