Fit For Worship {8-week Reset}

January has come and gone and I’m in need of a reset. I don’t know about you but I feel like all I did was blink and it disappeared! This year did NOT start out the way I thought it would. On December 30th, we took our kids to the skatepark that ended in Greg spraining his ankle and going to the ER. He was off his foot for a few days and could barely walk for quite a few more. I had one good week of workouts and then fizzled. In the meantime, we also decided to do a middle-of-the-school-year curriculum switch. This week has been spent prepping and planning as I continue to surrender my homeschool to the Lord.

Sickness decided to descend upon our home. I have yet to get it, and I’m praying the Lord will be gracious enough to keep me healthy. All of my efforts to get this ball rolling on my health have run into brick walls. I didn’t make resolutions this year, but I did set goals for myself. Goals for health, wholeness, strength. I’ve decided, out of my own need and desire for accountability, to open up an 8-week reset group! If you have been with me for a while, you know I am a certified Revelation Wellness® instructor and licensed facilitator for The Wellness Revelation® so we will be using resources from Revelation Wellness to help us out! I need to get back on track, and according to some answers on social media, you do too.

Fit For Worship {8-week Reset}

If you are interested in joining, I am asking you to commit to 8-weeks with me! There are going to be different levels available so that everyone can participate. In this 8-week Reset we will read through The Wellness Revelation® with a recommended pace of a chapter a week. There will be daily check-ins that have more to do with your heart than your workout. I want to encourage you to make this not just another diet, plan, or way to lose weight, but to create a lifestyle of holistic health and wholeness, from the inside out.

8-week reset

Yes, we will workout and eat healthy. We will also recognize that health comes in all shapes and forms and isn’t dictated by a BMI chart. Health for you will look different than health for me, and we are going to embrace that together. We will be kind and gracious to our bodies. My hope is that this 8-weeks together will teach you how to honor God with your body, to treat it properly, to heal hurts that present themselves as emotional eating, binging, constant stepping on the scale, and all the ways we try to control our bodies. This is going to be a whole hearted approach to health.

We will begin our 8-week Reset February 19th, and finish the week of April 9th. I know that sounds intimidating, but don’t let it scare you. Grace will abound and the level at which you participate is up to you. It can be as simple as reading the book and checking in, or going all in with recommended supplements and videos.

Levels of Participation

If you are like me, you want to jump all in! I’m still working on the all-or-nothing part of me. Often, it leaves me paralyzed and I just don’t do ANYTHING! Because of my own personality and the desire to see each of you who want to join me succeed, there are going to be different levels of participation. Level 1 is the basic level of participation. On any level you choose, purchasing your book is required and will be your responsibility. Here are ways you can participate:

Level 1 {required}: Purchase the book.

Buy The Wellness Revelation® on Amazon or your local Barnes & Noble or Lifeway. This will be the only required purchase to join the Fit For Worship {8-week Reset}. Right now, you can purchase it on Amazon for $8.49! In the back of the book are workouts for the 8-weeks that you have access to by purchasing the book. We will use those workouts for the 8 weeks we are together. If you want more than what is offered, you can always purchase RevWellTV for a $10/month, tax-deductible donation.

Level 2: Video Bundle

If you want to dig deeper into your health from the inside out, you may want to consider going to level 2 and receiving video teachings from founder Alisa Keeton, to go with each week of The Wellness Revelation®. These video teachings are only available through a licensed facilitator. I will email you the links to these videos. This option will be $50.

Level 3: Supplement Bundle

 Along with the book, you can add on the option of supplements. I don’t normally recommend supplements and these are not a requirement. However, these are ones that I personally use and I know how much better I feel when I actually use them! My goal for this reset for myself is to use Mom Fuel protein powder and BCAAs daily. Mom Fuel helps me to get a good breakfast in or even a quick lunch if I need it! It has 20 grams of protein, so it keeps me full! BCAAs give me energy and help me fight the 2PM sleepies! It also curbs sugar cravings and helps me recover from my workouts! I will share some of my favorite recipes in the group using both of these products! I am a firm believer in not recommending products you don’t use for yourself so… These two products from Momsanity are ones you will find in my own cabinets!

You will choose your flavor of BCAAs (Fruit Punch, Cherry Lime- my fav! or Raspberry Lemonade) and receive a canister of Mom Fuel which is vanilla flavored. These are both a month’s supply. Please let me know what flavor of BCAAs you would like by messaging me via social media or email. This bundle will be $75.

Level 4: Video & Supplement Bundle

 This will be the “all-in” bundle! You will receive the videos for each week along with the Mom Fuel and BCAAs! This bundle will be $125.

If you are coming in at a Level 1 that is great! All I ask is that you send me a picture of you with your book via Facebook, Instagram, or email ( This will help me keep any trolls out of our group! After that, request to join the group with an “I’m in!” and you will be approved! I’m excited to journey with you as we make this a lifestyle. No more “on the wagon, off the wagon” women! Let’s show ourselves grace when we can’t do our best and pick back up, even if it’s not a Monday! 😉

I can’t wait to hear from you! Let’s reset and refocus together!

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