I am a Recovering Sugar Addict

I am a recovering sugar addict. Just a few months ago, I was actually able to say out loud to some girlfriends that I had an addiction to sugar. I knew it, but couldn’t say it before. God has been good, kind, gracious, and loving the sugar out of me! Even when I fall (as you’ll read below) He is still good and gentle to lead me in His ways.

Recovering Sugar Addict

On July 17th, I started a 21-day sugar detox. I am trying to stick to it and show myself grace all at the same time. A few months ago I realized that sugar was having its way with me. Then, over the 4th of July weekend and week, I just totally binged. I knew it and *gasp* didn’t even care. Friends, that’s a red flag when we KNOW what we are doing to our bodies and we DON’T CARE! I prayerfully consider a sugar detox because I wanted to do it for the right reasons. Not because some of my friends were doing it, but because it was truly a season God was calling me into.

Why am I telling you this? Because in case you didn’t already know, I’m a real person, with real struggles. Even though I know the answer in my head, even though I can say the right things, I still have a hard time applying them to my life. Wisdom is knowledge applied, and let’s just say I haven’t been very wise in my food choices. But God… He is good, kind, patient, and loving. He has been showing me this week what it really means to rely on His strength in ALL things. Maybe it seems silly to talk that way about food, but God cares about our entire lives. He wants to be our source of strength, our source of comfort.

I’m currently doing the Weigh Less to Feed More Bible® study that Revelation Wellness® has created. It is seriously so good! This is my second time through and I’m certainly looking at it differently than the first time I went through it. This week I have also been intentional about reading God’s word or a devotion when I sit down to eat at breakfast and lunch. I’ve been reading “Made to Crave” 21-day plan on my Bible app. It has been SOO good! This is definitely going to be a book that goes on my “need to read” list!

All of that to say, I always want to be real and transparent. I want to encourage you to be willing to see the areas of your life and view them rightly, even if it’s hard. Even if it means we have to wave our white flag of surrender and say “Okay, God. I get it. I can’t do it on my own. I need YOU. Please help me.” I really believe He will bless your surrender and your obedience. It doesn’t mean you will be skinny. It means you will be healthy, whole, obedient, content, confident, bold, and FREE! 🙂


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