Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Idea!

This year is a double whammy on Father’s Day. It is also Greg’s birthday! I’ve been struggling with what to get him. He can be particular when he is looking at something specific. I know what he doesn’t want… a tie! He is an amazing gift giver, so that makes it even harder for me when it comes to getting him something! So here I sit, two days before his birthday and Father’s Day, being a last minute gift giver!

One thing I knew he would love is a massage. But… if you’re like me, you might not want some other woman rubbing on your hubby! I mean, Greg is super hunky so…. it’s just how I’ve always felt about it. We did get couple’s massages one year for Valentine’s Day and it was super awkward for me because we knew one of the massage therapists.

Last year I had seen a post about a couples massage course that was online. You make a one time purchase and have lifetime access to a set of videos. I decided against it for last year, but as I sat here just a few days away from Father’s Day and Greg’s birthday, I remembered about it!

melt:massage for couples

Melt: Massage for Couples

So I took the plunge! I ordered a course, got some super cute printable that I can leave around the house for him on Sunday to get him guessing what his gift is! I also love this as a gift because it is not a one time use only. This will be great for date nights, or just times when we need to reconnect through touch. And I mean, I’d be lying if I left out that it might be nice to receive a massage too!

Another great thing about this videos is that they are PG. No nudity or awkward moments. It is a couple doing the videos together- he is a massage therapist, and she is a relationship therapist. Together they came up with Melt:massage for couples. They are also running a few specials that will end Sunday evening! The other great thing about this gift is that it is instant access! No wrapping necessary!

You can order some oil from Amazon, or if you have coconut oil or almond oil at home, that’ll work too! You could even use jojoba oil. Add some relaxing essential oils to your carrier oil as well for an extra little something. Light some candles in your bedroom and get some ambiance going!

I would not say that physical touch is one of my main love languages. But I know it is one of Greg’s. I think this is a great way to incorporate showing him love in the way he receives it best! If you give this a shot, let me know how you and your spouse enjoy it!


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