Meal Planning & Grocery Shopping Trip

If you missed my Facebook live, here is a recap on my menu plan and shopping trip for this week! Even if you saw it, this will be here for you to easily come back to and reference.

Meal Planning

Meal planning is my number one tip for saving money on groceries. That, and shopping at Aldi! We love Aldi and I am so glad that there is one close to us. I don’t have to clip coupons or compare prices. It is rare for me to find something cheaper at Walmart or Kroger. Also, we eat almost every meal at home. So, 7 people, 3 meals a day, 7 days a week on a budget of $200. I think I do okay! 🙂 I eat to be healthy not skinny, so you won’t find a perfect meal plan here, just real life of a homeschool mom of 5 who wants to stay sane.

Savings tips: make a plan! Shop your pantry, fridge, and freezer–see what you already have and make your meals based on that. Shop at Aldi! Which I know isn’t possible for everyone, but it sure does cut down on costs without clipping coupons.

Here is this week’s menu plan:


Shakes, oatmeal, eggs, cereal, and pancakes/waffles

Disclaimer. I don’t add my protein powders into my weekly budget. My current favorite protein powder is Mom Fuelthe new release from Momsanity! It is for real the best vanilla protein powder I have ever had! I am always honest, so I’ll keep that going here– I am an ambassador with them. Should you choose to click through my link and order Mom Fuel, I will receive a commission. To which I say, “Thank you” and give you a great big giant hug! I hope y’all know that I refuse to promote something I don’t love or believe in, so know that I really, truly think this is some of the best protein powder on the market! As another side note, sign up for an account on the Momsanity website or sign up for my blog posts to come straight to your email, (or both!) and you will get notified when there is a sale!!!  😉




Salads, wraps, leftovers (For Greg and myself) Today I had some leftover ham and bean soup that I made with my homemade chicken stock last week!

Peanut butter and jelly, ramen noodles, leftovers, chips, fruit (for the kids)

I just keep it simple for lunch. If I have eggs for breakfast, I might have a shake for lunch. Greg takes a lunch just about every single day. Are you a serious crunchy mama who is gasping that I let my children eat ramen noodles, I’m sorry to disappoint you. I hope we can still be friends.


Sunday we had chili at a Fall Festival so I didn’t cook.

Monday: Ham and Cheese Hasbrown casserole

Tuesday (Homeschool co-op day, so I try to make this a crock pot day!) : Slow Cooker coconut salmon with pearl couscous and veggies. I order my pearl couscous off of Amazon. Aldi doesn’t always have it, and I like to make sure I do have it! It is probably Greg’s favorite carb! ha! Also, I will cook up extra salmon on this day for salads/lunches later in the week. — side note: I tried an instant pot. I didn’t love it. At all. This is the crock pot I have and it works great for me! A must have is crock pot liners. They absolutely save me at the end of the day when it comes to doing the dishes!

Wednesday: Paleo Fajitas — This week I am using chuck roast for my steak recipes. I will get them sliced up, salt and peppered and let them sit in the fridge until I need them. It saved me a little bit of money so the work is worth it! This is just a normal fajita recipe, I just eat mine on lettuce and let the kids and Greg enjoy theirs on tortillas!

Thursday: Chicken Cacciatore

Friday: This was supposed to be a pizza night, but I was over budget so…. they went back on the shelves. This may turn into a leftover night or maybe even a homemade pizza night!

Saturday: Savory Steak with Acorn Squash and veggies

Grocery Shopping

My weekly grocery shopping trip has a $200 budget. Paper plates, napkins, toilet paper, dish detergent, sponges, etc. normally get tossed into the budget. I know some people have a separate budget for that but…. we just lump it all together. This week I spent $202.74, so I was pretty close to keeping budget. I didn’t buy plates or napkins, but did need sponges and toilet paper. Here is what I got:

grocery shopping
Some of my groceries from this week’s shopping trip!

12 pack toilet paper: $5.79

Frozen Green Beans: $1.29×2

Frozen Wild Caught Salmon : $3.79×2

Fuji Apples 3lb bags: $3.99×3

Sweet Potatoes: $1.69×2

Acorn Squash: 5.6lbs @ $.79/lb

Carrots: $.99

Butternut Squash: 4.6 lbs @ $.79/lb

Yellow Onions: $1.69

Avocados-3: $.99/each

Garlic: $.99

Mini Cucumbers: $1.89

Multi-colored Peppers: $3.49

Green Peppers: $1.79

Shredded Mozzarella: $2.49

Pure Cane Sugar: $1.95

EVOO: $2.99

Sharp Cheddar: $1.89

String Cheese: $2.49

Spinach: $1.49

Cafe Bustelo (coffee): $2.89

Chicken Breasts: $4.92

Chicken Breasts: $4.95

Bibb Lettuce: $1.99

Black Angus Chuck Roast: $12.75

Black Angus Chuck Roast: $15.18

Milk: $1.45

Natural Peanut Butter: $1.39×2

Strawberry Preserves: $1.79

Raw Honey: $6.49×2

Grape Jelly: $1.39

Parmesan Cheese: $2.29

Hemp Seeds: $3.99

Flour: $1.19

Sponges: $.99

Bella Mushrooms: $1.29×2

Vanilla: $3.49

Half ‘n half: $1.69

Unsalted butter: $2.45×3

Pancake Mix: $1.49×2

Organic Brown Eggs: $3.49×2

Tomatoes: $1.39

Honey Nut Oats: $1.39×3

Red Grapes: 4.6lbs @ $.99/lb

Large Eggs: $.79

Organic Bananas: 6.4lbs@ $.59/lb (I don’t normally buy organic but the normal ones were gone.)

Snack Combo (chips for kids): $4.99

Whole grain white bread: $1.39×3

Subtotal: $196.29

Total: $202.47

76 items

If you stuck with me this far, congratulations! We are now great friends! Follow with me on Facebook or Instagram this week and I will do my best to share pictures of our weekly dinners! I hope this helps you to see that you can cook good food on a budget for your family. We most certainly aren’t suffering when it comes our food. I know we could probably save more money by eating rice and beans but.. I’m married to a meat man. We are actually in #operationfillthefreezer mode over here! If we can get a few deer to fill the freezer that will save use more money on our groceries! Happy meal planning and grocery shopping!

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