my health journey {a year in review}

Today’s post is going to be raw, real, and vulnerable. I’ve share a lot of my health and weight loss journey with you already, but it is a journey, so it hasn’t ended yet. I don’t plan on it every ending really, because it’s a lifestyle and I refuse to go on a diet ever again. This past year has been truly dedicated to doing my best to honor God with my body. Alisa Keeton, founder of the ministry, Revelation Wellness®, and author of The Wellness Revelation® has said “When our hearts are right, our  bodies will follow.” I’ve hard a hard time believing that as I’ve felt like my heart has been right for a while now. My body just didn’t seem to be following.

My Health Journey

If you’ve been with me for a year, you may remember a vlog I did sharing about a picture that brought me to tears. My outsides didn’t match my insides. It was a drop the pin moment on my health. My heart was still getting right. I knew all the answers, but I was struggling with the discipline of my body in both my eating and exercise habits. In the past year, I have truly learned to delight in discipline. It hasn’t always been easy, but I feel free.

I have coached many through The Wellness Revelation as a certified facilitator. I went through the book myself with one of my groups and it was just what I needed. I will confess, the enemy has tried on more than one occasion to accuse me of my own failures, telling me that because I was still struggling I was unworthy to lead. Thankfully, I know the voice of Truth and knew where those thoughts were coming from.

So today, I am going to show you the picture that made me cry. Only a handful of people have known this up until today. Please note, it is not the photo itself- it is the way I see myself. We are our own worst critics, are we not? And yet that day was a game changer for me. I felt good on the inside, but I realized I was still allowing my freedom to destroy my freedom. I was saying yes to everything, because I could. I knew it was time to rein it in and find discipline. With God’s help, I have found it.

my health journey

These photos are almost exactly a year apart. And while the difference isn’t mind-blowing, it is there. For the past few years I have asked the Lord if there is a word for me each year. This year, it was surrender. My health and weight fell under this word of surrender. For ME, it meant staying off the scale and away from the measuring tape. I had nothing but my clothes to go by as far as the question of “Was I getting results” from the way I was changing my lifestyle. I didn’t calorie count. I do have an Apple watch so that does keep track of calories burned. But you know what? I have it set to 300 calories a day. Why? Because it’s not about the calorie burn. I’m not making sure that I’m burning enough calories to lose a pound a week. It’s just fun to see my rings close. 😉

A New Way to Weight Loss

Friends, the whole reason I want to share this with you today is to tell you there is a different way, a better way. You don’t have to go on a diet. You don’t have to count your calories. If you so choose to take the slow and steady path, which in our culture is very unwanted by most, you can do it. But it starts with the heart. You can tell in my photo that change didn’t happen over night. It took TIME. And it’ll take more time. I’m finally at a place where I am okay with not having the quick fix. Statistically, the quick fix doesn’t last anyways, so why do we really want that? Why do we desire the instant gratification instead of the lifelong change?

Lose What Weighs you Down

If our hearts are not right, no amount of dieting, no amount of losing weight is truly going to satisfy. We will be left wanting because we are trying to fill ourselves with something that is not meant to satisfy. God alone satisfy the desires of our hearts, not chocolate, not exercise, not dieting, not crushing our every workout. None of it. The only reason I have been any kind of successful is because God has changed the desires of my heart. I get zero credit. None. God is teaching me a better way, and I am so grateful that I was truly willing to lay down my wants and desires to His way.

Are you willing and ready to try a new way? Has the world’s ways of weight loss left you wanting? If you are like me, you may have experienced the temporary weight loss you wanted, but ended up a statistic. I ended up gaining back the weight I lost and more when I first started out on this journey. But God. He has really given me a new heart when it comes to body image, health, and fitness. He has helped me to see that I have a good body, at any size. Yet, my desire is to honor Him with my body, so that I can fulfill the call and purpose He has on my life. If you’re ready for this kind of heart change, check out The Wellness Revelation®. This will be a great springboard for your health journey!

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    Loved this! Yes! I loved your word for the year: “Surrender”. I am constantly battling my sugar addiction and you know how hard it is for a homeschooling Mama to make working out a priority. I love that you do it! I haven’t found a place for it in my routine yet. Thank you for your inspiring words and for sharing this testimony of faith and surrender. About 18-months ago I was at 177 pounds and eating 3-4 bowls of ice cream a day — even waking up to eat a chocolate bar before breakfast. It was really bad. I was lead to a Facebook page for Trim Healthy Mama and it saved me. These women love God and seek to serve Him with this new life style of cooking/eating. It’s not a diet — it’s a life STYLE! I love it and it makes sense for EVERYONE. Yes, I need to surrender this addiction to Him and I still struggle, but I’ve been giving each day to Him and eating the THM way. In 18-months I’ve lost 20 pounds. I have a few more pant sizes to go, but it’s not all about the scale, like you said. It’s about serving Him, NOT my belly. I have to choose daily to surrender that temptation. God is bigger than this addiction. I’m sooooo weak; I’m thankful He is strong!

    1. So good! I did THM for a while, but I found it difficult. Ha! So I just stick to eating real food. I’m now less consider about losing weight and more focused on nourishing my body well. ❤️

    1. Thank you, Christa. ❤️

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