New Year, New Mom??

With a new year, we often make resolutions. Most of which fail within the first week, right? If you are anything like me, maybe you resolved, “New Year, New Mom!” with gusto, but really you feel like it’s a question, “New Year, new mom?” If you want to be a new mom, but need help, keep reading! As much as I love being home with my children all. day. long, it doesn’t mean I have the patience of Job every day. Actually, I have some flare-ups, like when my children embarrass me. I might turn into the Hulk on occasion. Anyone else with me? Are you brave enough to say, “I’ve been an angry mom and I want to change!” If you are resonating with this, I’ve got something for you!

A ran across a book called “Triggers: Exchanging Parents’ Angry Reaction for Gentle Biblical Responses and let me tell you… I recommend it to all my friends! It’s THAT good! I love my copy of this book because, well, it’s a trigger:


Anyways, Amber and Wendy have a new book out, a sequel of sorts to “Triggers” called “Parenting Scripts: When What You’re Saying Isn’t Working, Say Something New and again, I have to tell you, it’s been so helpful for me! If you are a mom who struggles with knowing what to say when your child has exasperated you, these books are for you!

New Year, New Mom!

Amber and Wendy have once again graciously given me permission to host a book club to take you wonderful ladies through their books! I am so grateful to have their permission and their support to do so! If you struggle with anger as a mom, or maybe what you’re saying isn’t working with your children any more, then this is for you!

new year, new mom

We will begin February 1st and it will go until April 3rd. I know that seems like a long time, but it is a chapter a day for each book, including the weekends. I will be facilitating the group and be sharing my own experiences, good and bad, as well. A calendar will be provided so you know what to read each day! You can order both Triggers and Parenting Scripts off of Amazon. After you have ordered your books, you can then request to join the Facebook group. To be approved to join the Facebook group, you will need to send a photo of you with your books! This will help me to limit people who are trolling around. 🙂 Each day there will be a post pertaining to the chapter with some questions for you to answer. The chapters are not too long, so don’t be intimidated by reading a chapter a day!

Feel free to invite friends to join you on this journey! While I will keep this group as a “ladies only” group, these books would be great to read as a husband and wife team! It’s actually what I’m hoping to do this go-around! So, fellow mom, let this be the year where you let God do a work in your life. Let Him handle your hurts, your anger, your frustration. He can handle our mess! New year, new Mom! I’m in it with you and cheering you on! Let’s do this, together!

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