Organizing My Homeschool

Our official first day of school is tomorrow! We have a 4,2,1 and Kindergartener in the house. Homeschooling is a calling we have felt the Lord put on our life and as long as He has called us to it, we are going to do it!

This year brought a bit of a new challenge for me having 4 of our 5 officially in school. I knew I had to “get my stuff together” this year and really be organized. While I love planning, I’ve also had my share of struggles in keeping my homeschool organized. My plans work for the first few weeks of school, but soon I find myself in disarray.

Enter: Organize my Homeschool, Homeschool Portfolio, and Homeschool Mom Life Binder!

Homeschool Portfolio

I’ll start with my first purchase which was the Homeschool Portfolio. In my state, I don’t have to keep a portfolio, so please check your states regulations on what you need to keep and turn in. However, with 4 kids to keep track of, I knew I wanted something more structured that what we have been doing.

Homeschool Portfolio Pack

I will confess I love printables. I love everything about printing papers, hole punching them, and filing them. Extra points for when I get to use my laminator!

While I don’t use all of these sheets, I am using most of them. We are going to be taking advantage of the Morning Checklist and the Weekly Checklist the most. We also took the time to go through and fill out the My Goals and All About Me pages which are in each child’s binder. The kids had a great time putting their binders together this past week! I am trying to teach them how to stay organized and why it is important to take care of their work! If you are trying to get organized with your children’s work, and don’t know where to start, this is a great resource! Which leads us into the next thing:

Organize My Homeschool

Organize my Homeschool is a 5 module, online course. Currently, when you purchase this, you will also get the portfolio for free. This walks you step by step through your homeschool from the “Why are we homeschooling?” to the practical things like your storage space and what your school room can look like.

This course will teach you to:

  1. Lay the right foundations.
  2. Create systems for your homeschool.
  3. Kick chaos to the curb!

Organize my Homeschool

I am in the middle of being a newbie to homeschooling and considering myself a veteran. While we have homeschooled from the very beginning of our children’s education, this course really solidified things that I am currently doing right, while helping me to see things that aren’t going well and need to be changed. I highly recommend this course to any family who is trying to get their homeschool organized!

Kim really does a fantastic job on this course and it has been so helpful for me in organizing my space, my books, my children’s supplies, and even reminding my why we have chosen to homeschool. She has a lot of encouragement along the way throughout this course! Each lesson got me more and more excited about starting our homeschool this year!

Homeschool Mom Life Binder

The Homeschool Mom Life Binder has been such a blessing to me already! Finally a binder that helps keep all areas of my life organized! This binder really has it all in one spot: monthly, weekly, home management, finances, personal, and of course, homeschooling!


If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably already seen a few pictures of my binder this week. It has been so fun for me to put together and truly, I am feeling organized! I know the other half of being organized is being disciplined to put your schedule into practice! Feeling prepared goes a long way for me! I can also go over each month and see what has been working and what hasn’t. Maybe my cleaning schedule will need to be tweaked next month. I can track my finances and make sure I am paying bills on time each month. (Please tell me I’m not the only person who forgets at least one bill a month! #mombrain)

I love the personal pages where I can write down prayer requests for my friends and family. The personal goals pages will help keep me inspired and motivated to do things for myself – whether that’s learning something new, or just doing something I enjoy each month like taking a bath or spend some time reading.

Homeschool Mom Life Binder

I hope this has helped you in your ideas of organizing YOUR homeschool! No two moms are the same, which is the great things about all of these products. You and I may use them differently, but I believe they will all be beneficial to your homeschool! If you have any questions, you can leave a comment or email me at

Happy Organizing!


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