Slider Workouts! {Videos & Coupon Code}

Momsanity Sliders

If you are looking to intensify your workouts without going to the gym, sliders are an easy, portable way to do that! I have used paper plates in the past, but my Momsanity sliders are way nicer! You can transform a simple movement, like lunges, into a more intense movement just by using sliders. Bonus, I have some short videos and a coupon code for you!

Momsanity Sliders

I have been so happy with my sliders, and of course my children love playing with them just as much as I do. My hubs even used them last week! After doing curtsy lunges for one of the videos below, I was feelin’ it the next day 3 days!

Here are a few workout clips from my Facebook page that I shared on some ways to use your sliders! Scroll past the videos to get your coupon code! 😉

I know I would be scrolling all the way to the bottom to find my coupon code! So here is what you do:

1. Visit the Momsanity Shop.

2. Put the Sliders into your cart.

3. Checkout and use code SLIDERNOW

4.Receive $7 off your sliders!

5.Watch tracking until it reaches your house!

6. Open package, squeal, and enter your promo code inside your slider package to get your five free workouts from Momsanity!

7. Put on some cute leggings, and get working out!

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