Strong over Skinny

Once upon a time there was a girl. Dealing with disappointment, comparison to other women, unmet expectations, feeling the need to keep the eyes of her husband (because let’s face it, he’s pretty cute and other women think so too!), this girl turned to Dr.Google for losing weight. She learned if she worked out and cut calories, she could lose some pounds.

And so she did. She worked out with one of the most popular fitness professionals via DVD. She used My Fitness Pal to track every bite of food that went into her mouth. She could eat less during the day to splurge on dessert that night and still stay within her calorie range. Guess what? She lost weight. She thought she had found her value and worth by being skinny again. While not pre-pregnancy weight, it was the least she had weighed since having kids and well, that felt good to her.

Ah. But Dr.Google is a liar. The world forgets to tell you that you have to maintain your 5-6 days of working out. That you have to keep on tracking those calories. Or else. Maintaining what was lost was very difficult for this girl. Too many other things and people needed her attention. Slowly, the weight crept back on. Frustrated and feeling like a failure, this girl didn’t know what to do but drown her emotions in food.

Until she found out about a ministry called Revelation Wellness®. What? Faith AND fitness can go together? It’s more than just being skinny? It’s about being healthy and whole, from the inside out? It sparked a flame of hope inside her.

7 months after hearing about this ministry, working out using RevWell TV®, going through their Bible study, AND becoming a certified instructor, this girl found freedom. She didn’t weight any less in her physical body, but her spiritual self grew stronger.

Her freedom is a fight! She has to combat the lies of the enemy and claim the truth of who God says she is. But she won’t give up. No matter the number on the scale. No matter what the tag in her jeans say. She has learned that strong over skinny is the way she wants to live life.

Strong in her faith. Strong in her love. Strong in her calling and convictions. Strong, yes, even in her physical body.

Skinny is no longer her goal. Strength is. She trains because love is heavy. She moves in love to her God who creator her. She works out so that HE can work things out in her. Her exercise is now an act of worship because she has a capable body that can bike, lift weights, and do yoga.

Now, freedom is the name of her game. She may slip and fall, but she is surrounded by friends who will pick her up, brush her off, speak the truth in love, and send her back on the path of freedom. It isn’t always easy. But it’s always worth it. Guilt, shame, comparison, judgement… mmm… the schemes of the enemy. They still attack more often that she would care to admit. However, she’s learning to renew her mind, take every thought captive, and just say “Name of Jesus all over that!”

She is learning, like the Proverbs 31 woman, to be clothed in strength and dignity. Whether or not she is every skinny is another story. But she will be free.

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