Triggers: Are You an Angry Mom??

As a mom, I have my triggers. I’m sure you do, too. I don’t want to say I am an angry mom, but sometimes, I can be. These little people in my house sure do know how to push my buttons and get under my skin! Fist bump if you can relate! πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

This is my copy of Triggers... Anyone else see the irony??
This is my copy of Triggers… Anyone else see the irony??

Every mom (or dad!) who struggles with anger or frustration (isn’t that all of us??) needs to read this book. TriggersΒ is split up into two sections: external triggers (things our children do) and internal triggers (things going on with us). It is 31 chapters and easy enough to read one chapter a day. I am on my second time of reading it.

Authors Amber Lia and Wendy Speake give great advice that is practical and biblical when it comes to dealing with your anger. Each chapter is infused with verses to encourage you. Some verses may challenge you when it comes to how you handle your responses to your children when you are angry and frustrated.

The tag line of Triggers is: “Exchanging parents’ angry reactions for gentle biblical responses.” I love it. That is exactly what I want. It’s a great exchange. My reaction for my response. There is a difference between the two.

I feel like the hulk sometimes. A regular mom who seems normal on the outside. Then BOOM! Something sets me off.I become a big, green, angry monster. Moms, even though we might became an angry hulk, without the physical super strength, we do have super strength when it comes to the words that fly out of our mouths in those moments.

I am not perfect. I still have my struggles with anger and frustration. Triggers is not a cure-all for our frustrations. It has helped me to see things more clearly. I am better able to decide if my anger is because of something my children are doing (or not doing!), or if it is my own needs.

I’m going to keep this short and say, if you are brave and bold enough Β to say “I need help. I’m not the mom I want to be. I find myself angry with my children more than I want to be. I want to change.” Then you need your own copy of Triggers.

If you are on Facebook, they have a group called “No More Angry MOB” (standing for Mothers of Boys). This is a place where Amber and Wendy share frequently to encourage all of us moms to not let our anger get the best of us. I hope you’ll join me there!

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