Triggers Book Club!

Triggers Book Club

Introducing the first ever Fit for Worship Fitness Book Club! The book “Triggers” has been such an amazing tool in my parenting toolbox, that I want to share it with YOU! Beginning October 3rd, we will read through Triggers together! You will need your own copy of the books available here on Amazon. There is also a study guide which will be optional, but I believe beneficial to your study, also available on Amazon.

Both of these books are on sale right now as the study guide was launched just this week. You can get “Triggers”  in paperback or Kindle edition. The study guide is only available in paperback. After you place your order, go here and join our Facebook group: Triggers Book Club {Fit for Worship}. I will not be asking if you have purchased the book, so please understand that it will really be more beneficial if you have the book. I will not be posting full chapters from the book in this group.

Triggers Book Club

Now, you may be asking yourself,

“Why would a fitness blog be hosting a book club?”

I understand why you might be confused. I believe in health and wholeness in ALL areas of our lives, not just in our physical bodies. True health starts with our hearts. Some of us, me included, have heart issues when it comes to parenting. It’s hard to admit you have an anger/temper/heart problem as a parent. I want to create a safe environment for us to come together and encourage one each other.

Let me just tell you know. I do not have this all figured out yet. I, myself, am a work in progress. I NEED THIS. And I don’t think I’m alone.

So, grab your book, (optional) study guide, a friend, and then join me on Facebook as we read one chapter a day together. Let us be mothers who exchange angry reactions for gentle, Biblical responses.


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