when the picture doesn’t match the way you feel

“The picture doesn’t match the way I feel.”

I had a strange thing happen to me recently. I can’t say it has ever happened before. While I don’t claim to be the most photogenic person in the world, I saw a picture of me and was shocked. It did not match the way I feel! When I look in the mirror, it’s not what I see. I feel good, strong, healthy, free! This summer I have decided to stay off the scale because of the freedom God has given me in food and exercise. Yet, with this freedom, one thing has been seemingly lacking- weight loss. It hasn’t been a problem with me, until I saw this picture of me.

I started nit-picking myself. How my face looks swollen, and my arms look huge, and I’ve got a muffin top going on I looked at the picture and completely tore myself apart instead of seeing a beautiful creation by God. 

My husband reminded me a few weeks ago that often times, confidence is what’s really sexy. Not just skimpy, sexy clothing, but an attitude of confidence. I guess since he told me that, I just bolstered my confidence! It deflated quickly though, when I realized the picture didn’t match the way I felt.

Instead of typing out a whole post today, I made a video to share what all went through my head. It’s raw and real and unedited.

If you relate to this, know I’m with you! We are in it together! You are not alone. I so desperately want to do this ‘weight loss’ thing in a way that honors God with my body. I refuse to go back to my old ways of dieting, restricting calories, and being so inward focused. Yet, I want to be healthy, strong, capable, and FREE! And I want to help you do the same! Thanks for being here today, friends!

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