Why The Name Change??

Hey friends!

Thanks for being here and joining me on this new name change! If you are here, you might be wondering why I would change the name of my blog, Facebook¬†(please like my new page!), and Instagram? My following isn’t ginormous or anything, but I’m sure ‘the experts’ wouldn’t recommend too many name changes. Which, there have been many for me over the years.

Some of you have been here since I started blogging as “The Imperfect Housewife.” It suited me well. Still does, actually! From there I moved on to “Confessions Over Coffee.” I was ready for something different, and decided that my life was full of confessions and I loved coffee so…. Seemed like a perfect marriage! I let my blog fall to the wayside, didn’t renew my domain, etc. Life got busy and I didn’t really have time to blog.

Then “Fit for Worship Fitness” came to be. Oh my how I had big dreams for that! Dreams of having a monthly membership where I could offer online workout classes and create a community for women to band together on this faith THEN fitness journey! I was pumped! And then homeschool started back up and well… I realized how little time I actually had to blog, let alone record videos!

Which brings us to the present. My domain is now gailmarieharris.com because, well, gailharris.com and gailmarie.com were taken! Why would I change it to my name? Because my name doesn’t change. You see, over the years, my niche has changed. I’ve always strived to be nothing but authentic and genuine. My audience hasn’t really changed. But the desires of my heart have. I’m still an imperfect housewife, and have plenty of confessions to make! I’m still interested in health and fitness. So you see, my niche isn’t really a niche. It’s just life!

When I started Fit for Worship Fitness, I highly considered using my name and decided against it. It felt conceited. The “Who am I to have a domain that is MY name???” In the end, it just made sense for me to go in this direction. Social media accounts will *hopefully* be switching over soon (I have to wait on Facebook to approve my ‘new name’). Thanks for sticking with me through the changes! I’ll be updating my blog soon to reflect the new name!
*update* Facebook wouldn’t update my name on my page for me so I have created a new page. Please go and like it!


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