WOD Quick and Easy! {and one of my new favorite things!}


I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a lot of time for a workout each day. I’m a busy homeschool mom, and I’m sure you are busy too! Twenty minutes seems to be my max, unless I want to get up earlier than I already do….. which I don’t. I need something quick and easy! So that is exactly what I have been doing!

Today I want to share with you what I do a few times a week. I call this my “bedroom workout” because that’s where I’ve been doing it while the kids eat their lunch! You can really do it anywhere and with our without the kettlebell. Hand weights would work just as well.

WOD: Quick & Easy

10 Squats

10 Kettlebell swings

10 Pushups (You can see that I do modified pushups on my knees)

10 Mountain Climbers

Repeat for 20 minutes and your done! Push until you can’t, rest until you can!

The video below is sped up so you aren’t sitting here watching me forever! This is just one round of the WOD.

When you squat, keep your knees and ankles aligned. DO NOT let your knee go out your ankle. If you feel like you are going to fall backwards, you are doing it right!

When you swing. don’t let the weight go above your shoulders. You are thrusting with your hips, not swinging with your arms. Keep your core tight!

When you do your push ups, feel free to do them however you want. Modified, regular, wide, close, plyo with a clap if you want to get fancy! Find your level and start there, keep your core engaged.

When you do mountain climbers, again, keep your core tight. Stabilize yourself and try not to let your rear end come up too high. The count is 1-and-2-and-3-and-4 etc. It’s not a 1-2-3-4. If you start with your left leg coming in, that will be one. The right leg would then be “and,” left leg would be two, etc.

If you look closely in this video, you will see that I am not wearing my wedding rings. It is a pet peeve of mine to wear my rings when I workout, even if I am just running. I’m weird like that I guess! I found these nice silicon rings on Amazon and they have been so nice to wear, even if I am just at home working out. Despite the fact that I don’t like wearing my rings, it feels weird to not have them on (anyone else weird like me??)

TRUE Silicone Wedding Rings

If you are strange like me, I’ll hope you’ll give these TRUE Silicon Wedding Rings a try and tell me what you think about them! They are so nice that I’ve even considered getting some for my husband to wear when he works out too! The sizing did confuse me, so I just went with a 6 as my wedding band is a 5.5 and it fits well. Snug, but not too tight. I forget I am wearing it most of the time! These are available on Amazon and come in this cute little box in a set of 3!

I hope you enjoyed your WOD! Let me know if you tried it!


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